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► Uniques

We added to the Uniques Arena Coins the Random drop. Roc, which comes weekly, we have a chance to have multiple Silk Scrolls that can contain up to 1000 Silk and 100% chance of SoN. The keys (Key of Bloodline) we have added to Beakyung the White Viper (Medusa), it will be dropped to 8 keys, she does not have any special drops.
We have added several Itemmall items to the Drops of Roc, such as Immortals, Astrals, the chance to win up to 1000 Silk, as well as ADV B Grade's SOX, of course Arena Coins and much more.

Roc arrives every Wednesday at 19:00.

►Special Uniques

We've added several Item Mall items to the Special Unique (The Old Memento), ADV B Grade SOX, Immortal and Astral, Nova Drop 50% and more.

►Sox System

Seal of Star, Moon, Sun and Nova Dropt normal in monsters.

Egy A weapons are only available through Forgotten World (Talisman).

Egy A Shield can only be obtained in Forgotten World by killing the last Uniques (Sereness).

Egy Equipment is available normally in the Job Union Manager (Gold / Silver coins).

Egy A Accessory is available through Arena Coins. Arena, Capture the Flag, Uniques and Events bring Arena Coins.

Egy B weapons are disabled.


► Teleporter ( Donwhang )

We have the most important connections to reach with the Teleporter in Donwhang.

► Plus Notice

When you reach the plus level 13 (+13), a Notice will be visible for each player.

► Consignment

You no longer need to open a stall to sell items in Donwhang is a Consigment.

► Stack able Items

  • All Items are stackable up to 500x
  • Stall exchange gold up to 500b
  • Exchange gold up to 1b

► Removed / Added

  • Lucky Powder Lvl 1 removed
  • Bolts on Shop DW added
  • Added NPC Blues/Plus at D1-D10
  • China Pain Buff added
  • China Balance Buff added

► Magic Pop

Magic Pop is activated. The cards are available with Silk.

Server Stats

    • GameServer : Online
    • Players Online : 2/ 2000

Server Info

    • Cap: 110
    • Degree: 11
    • Race:CH & EU
    • Type: Job / PvE / PvP
    • EXP: 25x
    • Party EXP: 30x
    • Drop Items: 10x
    • Drop Gold: 10x
    • Auto Events: Working
    • Max Plus: 18 Without Advance
    • PC (IP) Limit: 10

Server Time

      Time : 01:52 GMT+1

      Fortress : Sunday 20:00

      FW Reg : Saturday 00:00-20:00

      CTF : Every odd hour

      Arena : Every even hour

      Roc : Wednesday 19:00

Fortress War

      Hotan : DevilSouL